Common Misconceptions About a Vasectomy in Bangalore

If you’re a man and are concerned about staying safe in your sexual life, whether you’re married or not, you might be considering a vasectomy surgery. The thought alone can cause some men to shiver, become faint, or draw their legs a bit closer together, often as an instinctual way of protecting their manly parts.

Most of the time these reactions are due to misconceptions, or myths, people have about vasectomies. It’s easy to buy into these misconceptions, but when you see the truth, you quickly realize it’s a highly effective way to keep safe and avoid unwanted pregnancies in the future.

Misconception #1: It’s a risky procedure.

Anytime a man even thinks about a scalpel going anywhere near their ?manhood,? they cringe. It’s okay to have that knee-jerk reaction, but the reality is this is a simple procedure that has almost no complications attached to it.

In fact, it is so safe many fertility clinics and doctors recommend men get a vasectomy as opposed to having their wives undergo tubal ligation or other highly invasive procedures when they don’t want children (or more) in the future.

Misconception #2: A cost of a vasectomy in Bangalore is too high.

It’s easy to think that any medical procedure is simply too expensive, but when you choose the right hospital with experienced staff, you begin to realize it’s a far more cost-effective option over the long-term than other forms of birth control.

Misconception #3: It’s painful.

For most men, the procedure itself only requires a mild sedative and local anesthetic and there is little report of pain or discomfort for long afterward. In most cases, men are able to get back to work within 48 hours (and many choose to have a vasectomy operation do so at the end of the week so they don’t miss any work).

Recovery is quick and men can return to normal, healthy sexual activity within 72 hours, in most cases.

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